When Two Become One


I find comfort in pleasing everyone.

You seek solace in provoking everyone.

Yet, by some unknown twist of Fate,

I can’t please you, no matter what I do;

And you can’t provoke me,

No matter how hard you try.


Let’s put put an end to this madness

Once and for all!


Let’s fall in love, my love.


Let’s fall in love,

And melt all our little ironies

Into a single paradox.

Let’s give all our disagreements

One thing to agree upon.


Oh, come now!


Let’s fall in love

And walk hand in hand

Towards the evening of our lives.

‘Cause, my love, you know as well as I do,

That by some unknown twist of Fate,

You complete me,

And I complete you.

The Circle of Life

The circle of a woman’s life

Has turns at every corner,

Pointed, piercing ones at that.

At every turn, she encounters

Her past welded into her present;

The seams of her guarded future

Slowly sneaking away;

The entrances and exits miraculously merged;

Speed bumps and roadblocks strewn along the way.

Although the baffling maze

Makes her feel lost every now and then,

She can see the light

At the end of the sharp twists and dark tunnels,

Deceptive like a mirage –

Always in sight,

Yet never quite within reach.