What does it mean to be a woman? Is it any different from being a man? Questions about what women want or how they feel have been raised time and again, without a definitive answer anywhere in sight. The answer is clear and simple. All women are different; they want different things in life, and they feel differently about different things.

Each woman treads her own path (which she may or may not have designed for herself), driven to reach her destination, no matter how many obstacles she meets along her way. Each woman has several unique tales to tell, based on her challenges, achievements and experiences, as she completes her individual journey.

Think Like A Woman is a space dedicated to telling her tale, whether it be through poems, short stories, anecdotes, or any other medium. If you have a tale that needs to be told, email us your stories, poems, intererviews, or even story ideas. I’ll give you due credit for the post when it’s published.